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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

This week I’m recycling an article that appeared in this column several years ago. I’m an actor, screenwriter and indie filmmaker.  When I meet people not in the biz, they always ask me, “Have you been in anything I would have seen?”  I hate that one.  How shall I respond?  “Only if you’re actually educated […]

Starving Artist Writes Haiku About The Life

Off the beaten track. I share with you, dear reader, an actor’s week, revealed with haiku.   Haiku 26 Acting class.  Take five. Everyone standing outside. Stretching limbs.  Smoking.   Twitterhaiku 95 At Cirque du Soleil A small girl scared by the clown, Seared soul, white grimace.   Senryu 233 Where, in the cortex, Does […]

In Memory of an Honest Actor

Friends, because you have arrogantly failed to read every column I’ve written, every week for the past 5 years, I am gracing you with a re-fun of an old topic.  Read and enjoy. We actors love to talk about honesty.  And techniques to create honesty…well, to be quite honest, some actors like to talk about […]

Will I Make It to the Big Time?

Do you think most working actors are looking for that “big break” that will launch them into the A-List category, or are they more concerned with just making sure the rent gets paid and the kids get fed?” Great question!  I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this: actors are so varied in their […]

Why I Am a Screenwriter, Part 4

  Laura K writes a periodic blog about her insane twenty-something life.  She writes “Last night Eric got blitzed and puked all over the brand-new living room couch.  I got blitzed and fell and broke my arm.”   I commented on Laura’s blog, “The sex with Eric must be great because the Saturday nights sound […]

Star Trek: The Marathon

Me and my big mouth.  As I wrote last week, I’m engaged (subtle pun: did you pick up on it?) in doing research for an article on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I casually tossed an assertion into a meeting of a salon of which I’m a member that Star Trek: TNG was the culmination […]

Musing on Indie Shoots

  We are now 16 days from shooting the trailer.  The Washington State Film Board announced in their newsletter that we were shooting, so now all the popular locations (Space Needle, Pike Market, Ban Roll-on Building, Library…) know about us and we won’t be able to “steal” any locations.  Everyone wants permits and insurance.  We […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part III

3.  It’s the things I encounter and the things I do.   They should not let me out of my cage.  I have no tact.                           The tactless Michelle was co-producing an insane indie short with 48 dogs involved in one scene.     There was no budget for a professional animal handler, so the dog […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part II

2.  It’s my crazy family.     Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   My Christmas from hell.  The first time I met my new family-in-law.   The dog bit the baby, who had to be rushed to the hospital.  We put the dog in the back yard, […]

Why I Am a Screenwriter, Part I

  1. It’s the insane people I have met. Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   People.  They drive me nuts. Saul Pwanson (formerly Paul Swanson) won’t speak to me.  He unfriended me on Facebook after I pointed out that he had collected signatures on an initiative petition […]

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