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International Wildlife Film Festival 2013

  March, April and May are the months in which South by Southwest, Tribeca Film Fest, Beverly Hills Film Festival and Festival de Cannes get a lot of play.  Red carpets, stars, cleavage, over-the-top accommodations, huge production budgets.  Are these elements important or interesting?  More relevant?  Or do these movies, these production companies and these […]

Heaven, The Web Series

  What is heaven?  If you went there, would you ever want to return?    Anne Lower is producing a web series called They Live Among Us about angels who have fallen back to earth and struggle, as do we normal humans, with moral decisions, with life and death, with traffic in L.A.    Think […]

Star Trek: I Grow Weary; Star Trek: I Mourn

  It’s been for weeks since I started reviewing every episode, in order, of Star Trek: The Next Generation for my article on its portrayal of a post-capitalist society.  Back in those days they did 26 45-minute episodes per season.  I’ve gotten through 6 ½ seasons; that’s 169 hours of watching.  I hope they pay […]

Star Trek: Week Four

  Three weeks into the research for my Star Trek The Next Generation article, I am already in Season Five.  That’s 79 episodes viewed—in order, of course, to watch the development of the philosophy—and only 15 pages of notes.    My memory of the scads of script pages devoted to the exposition of our future […]

Star Trek: The Marathon Continues

Happy new year to all.  Fuck that; happy new year to me.  Me, me, me.   Still in the midst of the Star Trek marathon, doing research for my article.  I’m beginning of season four.  I remember back to the first time I watched this.  The Borg were so entirely scary.  So terrifying.  And that […]

Star Trek: The Marathon

Me and my big mouth.  As I wrote last week, I’m engaged (subtle pun: did you pick up on it?) in doing research for an article on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I casually tossed an assertion into a meeting of a salon of which I’m a member that Star Trek: TNG was the culmination […]

Day Jobs: Just Not Getting It

Oh, yeah, me, too.  I am one of those creative types (actors, comedians, writers) who cannot keep a day job. I was fired from one paper-pushing job because I did–in 2 hours–the work the previous person had taken all day doing; then I went around helping other people.  But, this made the person who picked […]

Letters From My Readers

Dear Michelle, You wrote about your temp job: “The morons who run the joint are so disorganized that I can spend all day writing my screenplay and get paid for it.” Are you joking?  Don’t you think that is dishonest of you?  Shouldn’t you work for your money like the rest of us? Rusty Dear […]

Your Character Has More Than One Flaw

Magnolia’s other fatal flaw is idealism.  She has a “black and white” view of the world; doesn’t understand the world in its complexity; thus, is unable to navigate.  Magnolia doesn’t quite get that wolves are connected to the plight of human kind.  We have been interconnected though out our histories.  Some wolves have been and […]

Occupy History, Occupy Consciousness

In the midst of all this revolt and dissatisfaction, sometimes, still, when I raise a discussion with performing artists about  how artists can become more relevant to modern times; how we can expand our role, how we can address larger issues, that all the responses are along the lines of (gross exaggerating follows here), “But […]

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