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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

This week I’m recycling an article that appeared in this column several years ago. I’m an actor, screenwriter and indie filmmaker.  When I meet people not in the biz, they always ask me, “Have you been in anything I would have seen?”  I hate that one.  How shall I respond?  “Only if you’re actually educated […]

International Wildlife Film Festival 2013

  March, April and May are the months in which South by Southwest, Tribeca Film Fest, Beverly Hills Film Festival and Festival de Cannes get a lot of play.  Red carpets, stars, cleavage, over-the-top accommodations, huge production budgets.  Are these elements important or interesting?  More relevant?  Or do these movies, these production companies and these […]

In Memory of an Honest Actor

Friends, because you have arrogantly failed to read every column I’ve written, every week for the past 5 years, I am gracing you with a re-fun of an old topic.  Read and enjoy. We actors love to talk about honesty.  And techniques to create honesty…well, to be quite honest, some actors like to talk about […]

Why I Am a Screenwriter, Part 4

  Laura K writes a periodic blog about her insane twenty-something life.  She writes “Last night Eric got blitzed and puked all over the brand-new living room couch.  I got blitzed and fell and broke my arm.”   I commented on Laura’s blog, “The sex with Eric must be great because the Saturday nights sound […]

Star Trek The Next Generation: Bereft

  After 182 hours almost straight, almost without sleep, I have finished watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  Season 7 (the last season) was particularly difficult.  Why?  Several reasons, I think.  First, the plots became repetitive.  Second, the writers stopped showing Roddenberry’s ideal new world.  Third, Bad Science.   The writers got lazy.  How many […]

Star Trek: I Grow Weary; Star Trek: I Mourn

  It’s been for weeks since I started reviewing every episode, in order, of Star Trek: The Next Generation for my article on its portrayal of a post-capitalist society.  Back in those days they did 26 45-minute episodes per season.  I’ve gotten through 6 ½ seasons; that’s 169 hours of watching.  I hope they pay […]

Self-Referential Films Part 2

  For the rest of 2012 and–if you’re very lucky–into 2013 I would like to entertain you with a list of the best, worst, favorite and horrid self-referential films of all time.  Movies about movies.  Or about acting or about actors.  Or films about films, if you prefer.    For some reason not to be […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part III

3.  It’s the things I encounter and the things I do.   They should not let me out of my cage.  I have no tact.                           The tactless Michelle was co-producing an insane indie short with 48 dogs involved in one scene.     There was no budget for a professional animal handler, so the dog […]

Producing for Indie is Tragedy and Comedy All at Once

Craigslist …or Craig’s Silt, as regards film production.  My professional film friends tell me they occasionally get paid film work from Craigslist.  I didn’t believe it, but, I decided to try it out.  I saw an ad saying, “Seeking all crew for a murder mystery documentary.”  No company name was provided, not a web site, […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part II

2.  It’s my crazy family.     Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   My Christmas from hell.  The first time I met my new family-in-law.   The dog bit the baby, who had to be rushed to the hospital.  We put the dog in the back yard, […]

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