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an actor, performance artist, screenwriter, indie filmmaker…


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SHE wants YOU to cast HER in lead roles where sexy middle-aged women have hot affairs with younger men.

Michelle can currently be seen performing in … well, is currently writing …a multi-media live / filmed performance with elements of insanity. In my work, my goal is to present fictional narrative entertainment that inspires people to change the world.

  • – Actor
    • -Nominated for Best Supporting Actress by Women in Film/Seattle
  • -Screenwriter
    • – Service Dogs has won 2nd and 3rd place slots in several screenplay competitions
  • – Judge for NW High School Film Fest
  • – 99th percentile reTweeted poet on Twitter (on-and-off)
  • – Creator of Coaching Actors On Set: A Class for Directors
  • – Teacher of Coaching Actors at the inaugural Ellensburg Film Festival
  • – Executive Director of the Women in Film/Seattle “Nells” Awards (2006)
  • – Film Festival Director for Lake 2 Sound Student Film Fest (2005=2006)
  • – former Correspondent for Cinema Minima

The lovely talented insightful passionate sensitive responsive intuitive Michelle is also available to coach actors on-set (I work for the director.)


Senryu 12:

Why be sensible? //

Life is tough and painful. //

Just become a clown. //

…you know…


Senryu 255:

Only second place //

In the comedy finals //

But won the Angst Fest //



Senryu 111:

Once. Until. And then //

Danger. Lose. Reverse. Then win; //

Resolve. Three-act-ku.//


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