Letters From My Readers: Mr. Ed Was a Fake

Dear Michelle


What do you know about Horse Actors?  Mr. Ed was a hack.  He used a teleprompter. Those so-called “moments” you describe when he was staring off into space thinking–so YOU claim–about the nature of the universe…he was reading from a teleprompter. You obviously know nothing, zip, zilch, zero,  zed about Horse Actors. Mr. Ed was a fake and you, Michelle, are a fraud.


With respect,

Your Reader


Dear Reader


In my private studies of the tapes (not yet out on DVD, but made available privately to me through special arrangement with Ed’s nephew) I see that he never, never, never, no, not even once, used a teleprompter.Ed used an ear prompter only in one episode, which was shot when he had the flu and the sinus medications had made him too sleepy to learn his lines. Otherwise, over the entire course of his career, he always knew his lines. Somewhere, too, I read an interview with the writer of the series who said Mr. Ed was the only regular on the series who NEVER substituted a syllable of his own; So there!


With respect



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