One Woman Performance Art

Anything with Barbies ™ is High Art.  These dolls are so iconic.

Humans are highly overrated as story-telling mediums.

I want to use Barbies in a stage piece I’m writing called “Julie Lewis in the Circle”.

I meant, “I want to abuse Barbies in the stage piece I’m writing.” Ruin them. Utterly.  The things one can do with a Barbie that one couldn’t do with a human on stage.  Rip their heads off, beat them with a hammer, rape them with a pencil.  Grind their faces off with a Dremel.  Melt them with an oxy-acetylene torch.

Using Barbies allows me to go way over the top in my story of child abuse and its repercussions into adulthood; and yet allows me to keep the audience in their seats, watching, instead of running out into the lobby to dial 911.

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  1. chaska peacock September 24, 2011 at 6:57 am #

    When art mimics life too closely, people may not be able to stay in their seats. Somehow, it feels less frightening when I am in control of handing out the abuse (to Barbies) myself. However, I applaud you! Please keep me updated.

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