Lies and Damned Lies


Why I quit skydiving


  • My fear came back

  • I ran out of money

  • I felt I had learned the basics

  • I didn’t want to advance to the next level, which is “relative work”, meaning you work in choreography with other skydivers. Many of them are cowboys with testosterone poisoning (even the women) and they dive unsafely and try crazy dangerous shit that could hurt other people, so there was nowhere for me to learn more and still be safe because they were people whom I didn’t trust.

  • I am not very athletic, my body control is not that good; I was not at the top of the game, and I like to either win or quit.

  • It never was the bowel-churning, head-twisting thrill I thought it would be

  • I am a dabbler

  • It took up the entire weekend–waiting for weather to clear–and I had other things to do


  • It was expensive

  • I didn’t like any of the people at the drop zone

  • Drinking beer is boring


Why i quit producing indie films


  • I was sick of everyone hating me

  • I ran out of money


  • You can’t produce and act in the same film; I don’t care what anyone says: you just can’t do it


  • It rains every day you have an exterior location


  • Permits are ghastly expensive


  • Everyone’s always rushing off to the next job


  • I hated my last director


  • Money for props?  What money?


  • The armorer flaked out at the last minute


  • Anthony called and his car broke down and he was 2 hours from the location and it was 10 minutes to Places.


  • The animal handler yelled at me


  • I’m dehydrated from crying so much

  • Everyone hates me and I’m broke



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