The List, Part Twelve

Films Which Have Cats

  • “The Last Picture Show.”  Jacy had a cat.  She was mean to the cat.  Pushed the cat off the bed.  Jacy was mean to a lot of boys, too.  Men were mean to Jacy.  Goes around, comes around.  Later Cybill Shepherd had an affair with Peter Bogdanovich and he left his wife Polly Platt for her, which is very dumb because if Cybill has sex like Jacy had sex, it would be very boring indeed.

  • “Star Trek Generations.”  The entire point of this story was finding Spot.

  • “Never Talk to Strangers.”  Serena the cat was murdered by Rebecca de Mornay.  Doesn’t seem like a cat killer should be allowed to have wild sex with Antonio Banderas.  Doesn’t seem right.


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    Everlasting Moments?

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