Letters from My Readers

My reader, the pseudonymous Honey, writes about my column “Tit Girl on TV” (see yesterday’s post): “I don’t see a problem with God (Jesus), breasts (tits), and cooking (food). One of the most prominent pictures we have of God (Jesus) is the Last Supper. This is all about sharing food with your fellow revolutionaries. Breasts are all about feeding children. We are material beings so we all have to eat. So, breasts (tits), God (Jesus) and cooking (food show) are not mutually exclusive. This show could have been a huge success had you, the producer, made the connection. Just saying.”


Dear Honey, I don’t know if you are named after the famous Madeleine “Honey” Wheeler, sidekick of Trixie Belden in the teen mystery series or if you are a flirt trying to get into my pants (I am married) or if it’s just your real honest-to-god name.


Regardless, I accept your criticism.  I, as producer, should have seen the deeper connections.  A religious cooking show that also taught young mothers how to breastfeed would have been a great idea!


Many TV shows and films have technical consultants, medical consutlants, police consultants, scientific consultants, accent consultants or historical consultants.  I don’t know why a TV show shouldn’t have on staff a philosophical consultant such as yourself.  Matter of fact, from now on I will be adding a line item in all my projects for Philosophy Consultant.




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