Letters from My Readers: Lost

Dear Michelle,


Humans seem to want things to be answered, as in final answer. Tie everything together into one neat package so as to be easily understood. Knowledge is part of change and change is part of knowledge. This knowledge can only come about as a result of action, an experiment, a contact with reality which negates existing consciousness and as the result of this tension produces new consciousness—a new theory, hypothesis, or system of knowledge. This very increase in the generation of new qualities (which is time), become part of the conscious unknown. We can know it in the future because nothing is unknowable but time makes absolute knowledge unattainable.


We are “Lost”. We don’t have solutions for, global warming, poverty, famine, education, health care. As individuals we think if we win the lotto it will solve all our problems. Maybe we should move to the mountains and go back to nature. Find salvation in some form of God. Join a cult. Grow a beard. Lost is all over the map because as people we are all over the map. This show is reflecting so much about the present state of human kind.



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