Lost, the Final Season Rant #8


The real reason that the final season of “Lost” is so confusing and dissatisfying is that the writers got lost: the show does not have an internally consistent mythology.

Blake Snyder (of “Save The Cat” fame) writes about Double Mumbo Jumbo.  Blake was called “one of Hollywood’s most successful spec screenwriters” by Hollywoodlitsales.com.  Blake has a set of guidelines which, as he has observed, need to be followed in order to sell a spec screenplay to Hollywood.  Though Blake is dead, many screenwriters still follow his ghost and his script-writing principles.

Granted this is television and not movies; but, still, I think that the “Lost” writers have consistently violated Blake’s No Double Mumbo Jumbo Rule.  He says that one kind of magic or paranormal event or alien creature is believable in a story, but more than one become ludicrous.  We can believe SpiderMan exists with his powers; but we would think SpiderMan plus Wiccans plus Venusian intelligent plants would be a bit much.

Lost” has included hallucinations; predictive dreams, lucid dreams, Black Smoke, whispering ghosts, baptism, church-building,  re-incarnation, zombies taking over dead bodies; electro-magnetic force fields that hide entire islands, moving land masses at will, time travel, alternate universes, psychics, all-knowing-Others, Fate, and I-don’t-know-what-all other metaphysical constructs.

In the beginning it was fun; but in the beginning we were hoping it would all come together into one grand unified theory of the island.  Alas, it has not.  Alas, Blake was right.  Multiple Mumbo Jumbo has become simply ridiculous and annoying.

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