Today I scouted an exterior location. The owners of the property are willing to work with us; they may even have wolves we can film. They are lovely wonderful people.

I am afraid, however, that my Director and Cinematographer will say the shots are not cinematic enough. It certainly is not as spectacular as the private property onto which we trespassed last time we scouted exteriors, not by a long shot. The owners of that private property want us to have insurance before they’ll let us shoot.  Yikes, that would be 25% of my whole budget.

I am thinking we should “steal” the property we really like. It’s a remote parcel of several hundred acres. If we get kicked off, no big deal. However, since it is 5 miles up a rutted logging trail, if we get accidentally locked in while we are shooting, that would be a big deal. I guess we could try to crash my car through the gate, and film that effort for another movie.

Today I’m thinking if I were shooting a Tits N CarCrash movie instead of a film about saving wolves, I would have more money.

Today we began putting up a website as part of marketing campaign; but right now I can’t put up any production shots because no one took stills and the person who has the rough footage is one of the team who as of Thursday night hates my guts.

Today, what else? The makeup guy somehow did not realize that this is a comedy/dramedy. He only does horror films–gore and scars; so he can’t do our project. Hee, hee, that cracks me up.

What else, today? Good stuff–I am meeting with a potential production designer, sound designer and super PA tomorrow. Rik’s colleague in Green Theatre is willing to help as Production Designer; though probably she will back out after she hears how many overnight shoots we have.

Today I talked the BBC stock footage people into dropping their price…I am happy.

Today my director called me on the phone! Yay! He is out of an editing marathon that has gone for months.

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