Today I got up at 3:00 AM to scout locations. Drove 300 miles, sweating with a fever, looking for a perfect place to replace the location that said, “No.”

Nothing was perfect. Mt. Rainier was very close to good: I took a ton of test footage; but it’s so far away that it will cost a ton in gas reimbursement and make everyone’s day 5 hours longer than planned.

Maybe the Cascades have something–I will check tomorrow.  Damn those people who said, “No.”

I so want to steal that location, but my director is afraid he will be squashed by a logging truck.

I did, however, find some little gifties for the crew & cast—teeny little toy wolves. I suppose the dog-actor will want something she can eat, instead of a plastic toy. Fussy, fussy.

Today I haven’t heard from anyone except my co-writer. I suppose all the rest of them still hate me. Even my husband was a grouch to me, and he’s not even on the project. I wonder if my cat still loves me.


Today, I am thinking that what I am never doing again is being producer and lead actor on the same project. Either one or the other.  Maybe I never will produce again…I don’t like people hating me.


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