Progress Report: Slow

Some parts of this project are going too slowly and some are going too fast.  Nothing is proceeding as my project plan has decreed that it should.

The editing is still…donkey slow. We are only on the second revision of the edit, six months after wrapping principal photography.


The search for a producer is agonizing. Two local producers with good creds are interested in reading the script. But, yikes, we have ripped out the entire Act II and we have been thrashing with it. So, now I am not ready to send it to them.


I’m struggling with the heroine’s internal journey. How do we make her fail due to her own shortcomings, yet have her remain likeable to the audience? How do we show that the external forces brought her down at the same time she was bringing herself down?


Now, I begin to see the immaturities in our writing of a year ago. Putting stuff in because it was funny, not because it advanced the story. Bad, bad writer! Get your knuckles rapped.


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