Lost, the Final Season Rant #6 Major Gripes


More Others; more people we don ‘t know what they’re doing; more mysterious people giving orders to the previous Top Guys, more shooting;, more lost in the jungle;  and more getting caught in traps.

Claire becomes a repeat of the dead Danielle.  Locke becomes Man in Black.  Jack becomes Locke.

More mysterious “you need to do this because….” And the because is never explained.



It’s too late for major new characters.  We don’t give a shit about what happened to the Chinese guy from the temple in the alternate universe.  We only have one season remaining; please tell us about the main characters.  We don’t care enough about Richard to have a whole episode about him: a short explanation would have done fine; we didn’t need the whole history with yet another character—his wife.



This whole hell and purgatory thing is bugging me.  There is no need for any Christian god shit to enter into this previously fun story. Good and bad are not two sides; they are a continuum and they are locked into a relationship with each other. I sadly guess that the show had a religious theme all along and I was just choosing to ignore it.



Now, rather than being mysterious, “Lost” is so confusing that I can’t keep track of what is going on—even what time period we are in.

Richard actually KNOWS that Jacob is collecting candidates to replace himself; at least he told Richard about Ben; at least he sent Richard out to visit Locke when Locke was a kid.  So why is Richard making such a big dramatic suicidal deal because Jacob left him out of all these decisions?

Way too convoluted…Flocke can’t kill the candidates himself, but he CAN give them a bomb that makes them kill themselves????



This final season is like being on diet for six years; then your first ice cream sundae is made of RICE milk.  Yuck.  Letdown.  I am finding myself not CARING the answers to any of the “Lost” questions.  As I review the five years of ridiculosity, I’m almost interested in watching the final four episodes.

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