Am I a Bitch?

Today I had coffee (well, neither of us drank, but we met in a coffee shop) with a collaborator on one of my films. All-About-Me is co-writer, co-actor and co-producer with me on this project.


I yelled at All-About-Me because I am doing all the Producer work on this film. I told All-About-Me to pick up a fair share of the work.

All-About-Me explained,

“I have post-traumatic shock syndrome due to a lousy childhood. When you are critical, I withdraw.”

I yelled some more.

When someone is in their mid-40s, isn’t it time for them to get over their lousy childhood? And get to work? The truth is that post-traumatic shock syndrome is not at fault here. All-About-Me simply envisions herself as a creative diva and will not get involved in any production/business duties.

Am I too hard to work with? Am I non-collaborative? Am I overly demanding?

Or is All-About-Me self-indulgent and a big baby?

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