Lost, the Final Season Rant #5 LAZY Writing


Lazy Writing

For the first 3 or 4 or even 5 years I really dug “Lost.” In a purely joyful way,  it was mysterious, fun, sexy, plot- twisting.  The editing is clean, smooth, and classic.  I enjoy mind-games of “The Prisoner” sort. Good mix of guns, cleverness, mystery, and hunky men with no shirts on.

Characters became more complex – or their complexity was revealed – as time passed.  They gained hope, lost hope, loved, cried, had doubts, a sense of humor; they learned about themselves; they worked through issues about their childhoods and their own faults and mistakes.

Lost was addictive.

However, this last year the show has become so predictable, boring, trite, cliché, formula and rote; and the writing has been lazy.

  • A lot of fighting, beating up, shooting and killing.  Yet more dead people coming alive.  Someone’s constantly being captured by someone else with a gun.  Constantly.  It gets to be so I laugh when I see a gun coming out of the foliage. More kidnappings, more running around rescuing folks and more marching through the jungle.  Over and over.  More and more layers of Some Person who knows more than the last set of Know It All Persons.  And more layers of bad guys who think they are good guys. Six-peat.

  • Nobody’s pondering the meaning of life any more, or wondering about fate versus free will.  Nobody is going through a personal redemption.  The characters have devolved into stereotypes: a crazy loner woman; a sneering outlaw; a tree climber; a reluctant leader; a born killer.

  • Masses of meaningless conversation.  Maybe the writers are all at lunch drinking umbrella drinks; so they told an intern to cut and paste from bad westerns.  “Every man has a balance of good and bad.”  Pshaw.  “You have what it takes,” said to Jack in a serious, deep voice,  is soooo not the secret, secret code to let him know that life is repeating itself or fate is coming to get him.  How many people in this universe does he think have at one time or the other said trivially, “You have what it takes.”?  “Jack, I hope you find what you’re looking for,” with tears rolling down the cheeks means nothing.  Romance novels.  Fooey.

The “Lost” final season reminds me of a “Survivor” parody.  Maybe they just used footage from old “Survivor” seasons.  It reminds me of an old “Bonanza” episode.  The triteness makes me groan aloud, “Oh, really! Ree-uh-lee.”

It’s not all that clever to do mirror-image incidents of everything that happened in year one.  I think that what happened is that in the beginning the writers just threw a bunch of mysterious shit in there without knowing where they were going with the story; and now they are stuck.  Tossed in every “X-Files” nonsensical notion they could think of, not having a plan to resolve any mysteries.  It was fun to tease the audience and we liked it, but now we feel ripped off.  They’re just phoning it in, riding the success of the first few years and hoping we’ll feel obligated to watch through the end so that all the advertising dollars can suck in and they can maybe make a “Lost” movie.

I am meditating on not watching the last 4 hours.   I could just turn it off.   Click.

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