Lost, the Final Season Rant #4

Dear Creators, Producers & Writers of “Lost,”

I demand that you answer the following CRITICAL questions by the end of this final season:

  • Are we going to get resolution to the mystery of Charles & Daniel: how people can manage to meet their parents in the past?

  • I want to know what happened to the magic numbers that made the plane crash.  Why don’t we hear about them anymore?  Were they real?  Were they coincidences?  Were they hallucinations?  What gives?

  • I also want to know how Ilana’s  and Widmore’s and Ben’s submarines can just come and go as they please; but everyone else had to get on a certain plane at a certain launch time over a certain latitude longitude in certain astronomical conditions WITH A DEAD BODY in order to get to the damn island.   Why Michael’s small power boat can take a certain heading and “reach rescue” but why Desmond’s boat on a certain heading can’t escape the gravity of the black hole of the damn island.

  • Why did Eloise tell Jack he needed to take John’s body back? Maybe she didn’t know. Is she working for Jacob, too?  WTF?

  • Are you ever going to tell us why they tortured Sawyer with the pacemaker?  We still don’t know why they humiliated Jack in the aquarium.  Why did they make Kate wear a dress and dig rocks?  Why did they capture those guys at all?

  • Why did they let Michael & the kid go?

  • What made Juliet so heartless that, as Sawyer said to Kate, “That blonde bitch would have shot you”?

  • If Jacob doesn’t want to “step in,” doesn’t want to interfere; then, why does he bring people to the island to prove to the man in black that they can make the right choice?  Isn’t that “stepping in” itself?  And isn’t telling Richard what to tell the people also “stepping in?”  Is Jacob a hypocrite?

  • Where does Jacob get those nice linen shirts?

  • What kind of shitty high school hires the same teacher (Arzt) for both biology and chemistry?

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