Lost, the Final Season Rant #2

This week I have set aside all my other work in order to (don’t call me obsessive-compulsive) catch up on all the Lost episodes before the end of the final season.  I can’t remember all the confusing shit they told us in the beginning of the series and I can’t remember all the questions to which I expect answers in the series finale; so I must review.

There are 112 episodes prior to season 6.  The proper procedure would be to watch them all back-to-back before next Tuesday.  This would take (112 * 43 minutes (using the commercials which play during the web streaming to pee and hydrate, but the time count must be included)  5600 minutes = 93.3 hours =) about 4 days  non-stop 24 hours without sleep.

However, I am no longer 18 and no longer do LSD; so I can’t stay awake for 4 days.

What to do…what to do…

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