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Can’t stop being nasty in my blog. Now that I once again have something nasty to say, I’m writing another entry.

Name-Changed-To-Protect-Me-From-Harm-Dustin made a film this summer. It was, unfortunately, the same film he’d made 10 years ago. And only the second film he’d ever made.

In Name-Changed-Dustin’s first 10-minute film, a drug dealer shoots another drug dealer and runs away to Mexico. Wowee, what an original idea, don’t you think?!



In Name-Change-Dustin’s second 10-minute film, made 10 years later, a drug dealer shoots another drug dealer and runs away somewhere unknown. Wowee, what art.



Why do I keep working on useless films? Boy shoots boy with gun. Not a film on which I want to spend my creative energy.


Why DID I work on that film? Because Dustin signed a contract with all the crew to trade gear rental for our work on the Boy Film. I figure, with cameras, lenses, lights, stands, audio gear, green screens, carts & walkies, he owes me about $14,000 in gear rental trade.

Unfortunately, Dustin decided to move out of State, taking his gear with him. He is ripping off the entire crew, all of whom worked for trade.

Name-Changed-Dustin is being written into one of my screenplays. A fat, retarded, infantile, megalomaniacal, pimple-faced toad will play the role.


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