My Life Sucks, Part One

I remember joining my first online acting discussion list group listserv chat room bulletin board way back in the early 90s or some-such date.


I introduced myself (to the then-extant Acting-L) with a big whiney post about how my life sucked and I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do artistically in life bla bla bla.  And I remember everyone on the list was very supportive.

I also remember Ray and his wife who are workaday actors in NY; they always gave useful advice about making a living in NY. They hustled; they had paramedic wardrobes, cop wardrobes, business suits; they modeled at trade shows; they hand-delivered their headshots monthly. What troopers. They made a living acting.

I remember Pat who worked in LA and NY for 45 years, raised two sons, sent them to college, then went on to teach acting at the university level.  Successful and busy and still took time to keep up with the chat list.


I remember Norma, who was booked so much as a day player that she couldn’t keep up with the list.


I remember Carla, who did stand-up year after year while battling lupus.  (And, now that we mention it, also battling Bad Attitude.)


I remember Lelia who performed her one-woman shows with no money.


I remember Anne who acted, ran a theater and later became a screenwriter and screenwriting consultant.


I remember Joanne, who went from a Mom doing community theater to a busy commercial actress to a shopping network host to a producer of a comedy troupe.


I remember Jeff whose theater company is still going strong and winning some awards.


I remember Rick who did U-5s and then started producing his own indies.

All sorts of changes.


And I am still a whiney bitch.

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