Day Jobs, Part II: Oops, Just Remembered I Was Fired

It’s been such a busy week that I completely forgot I was canned.

Been so busy writing about important stuff like my film, counter-recruitment at high schools and the book I’m editing. Met a great artist, too: Andrew Miller, who is going to make me a thematic image for Exit Strategy the film.

Apparently (back to the day job) running the entire department for three months–while the VP is in the hospital on morphine with a broken leg and the autistic CTO is twitching in a corner inventing broken algorithms and figuring out how to pick the locks at random private homes–is not good enough for them. They told me that I needed to be a coder, too, not just a manager.

This lousy company fires someone in biz dev every time a deal doesn’t get signed and fires someone in engineering every time a deadline is late. Pick a name, any name, out of a hat.

There go my dreams of untold wealth from stock options. Ah, well, the story of “Exit Strategy,” my upcoming film, is once again played out in real life.

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