Sawing the Air: Bad Acting

I did an internship I did with Shakespeare Santa Cruz. We were in class doing the R & J balcony scene with various permutations of players.


I was playing the scene with a man who was sawing the air too much. He put one hand on his hip, struck a pose, and lifted his other hand in the air to gesture.


The whole thing struck me as hysterical–to begin with, he was 20 years my junior; and then he proceeds with this posturing. I started laughing at him and sticking my tongue out at him during his speech. This discombubulated him so much he could not speak the words trippingly and complained to the teacher, the patient & creative Jack Zerbe.


Jack told him, “That’s your Juliet. If she’s laughing at you, then you have to do something different to convince her that she’s in love with you.”


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