Starving Artist Writes Recession Poetry

Yeah, yeah, how lazy can one person be?!?!?

She is still refusing to write new blogs.




By broad and tumultuous acclaim, these senryu are being re-published for you.


At no charge.


TwitterHaiku 15:

Starbucks is posting //

Calories. Who cares? I need //

Starbucks to post jobs. //


TwitterHaiku 21:

Recession tactics: //

No French nails or hair streaking. //

Fire the housekeeper. //


TwitterHaiku 35:

Wearing Gucci shoes //

She carefully steps over //

George begging for change. //


TwitterHaiku 40:

Stealing is not right. //

Loaf of bread: six years.  Bank fraud: //

Ooooh, a big ol’ fine. //


TwitterHaiku 77:

Baby in ER //

Sniffles turned to pneumonia //

Mom was uninsured. //


TwitterHaiku 17:

I was a teacher. //

Laid off. Cancer. COBRA gone. //

Twenty months: homeless. //


TwitterHaiku 90:

You must deserve it. //

It must be your fault.  You’re bad. //

That’s why you’re poor. //


TwitterHaiku 91:

Stealing is not right; //

Neg-am mortgage loans //

Seem to be okay. //


Twitterhaiku 100:

Why am I laid off? //

I’m white and American. //

I deserve better. //


Twitterhaiku 18:

No job…can’t buy stuff… //

don’t buy stuff…businesses close… //

no jobs.  Great system. //


Senryu 146:

You’ve got twenty years //

Background; but yet, we didn’t //

Think you’d be so old. //


Senryu 152:

Come visit my home. //

Chat of art, foreign travel. //

Not the recession. //


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