Editing Robert’s Book

Julia Cameron says in “The Artist’s Way” that if you’re doing peripheral support of the arts–gallery manager, casting director–then you probably are a blocked artist. Well, maybe that’s true; but nonetheless I enjoy supporting artists as well as being a generative and interpretive artist.

Robert is an acting coach whom I’ve known online for 15 years, but have never met in person. Never talked to him, even, till yesterday on the phone. He complained, on a mailing list we both frequent, that it’s taken him too long to finish writing his book on acting technique. I wondered, in electrons, why he spent so much time posting erudite discussions on technique to the list instead of spending the time finishing his book. I demanded that he get an editor and get the damn book finished. So, now, guess who’s editing Robert’s book.

I do enjoy being a muse to other artists. I think I’ve helped Chrys see how to paint closer to the heart; I’ve coached actors on film sets and gotten better performances out of them than they had been giving. For Lissa who wanted to write but was stuck in the business world, I started a weekly writers’ group which helped her kick into gear. I hope I’ve challenged Mark, a co-writer on one of my films, to be a better screenwriter; I know I gave a voice to an entirely new character for Toni, a dreamy poet of the performing arts.

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