Sometimes restrictions are just falsely restricting.  Maybe that’s why spoken word artists want to break free of rhyme and meter and go with other forms of tonal beauty—alliteration, onomatopoeia, beat, the visual aspects of the performance.

Something you can get very formal and it can become an exercise in structure rather than meaning.

Like my resistance to being given line readings, PARTICULARLY by Shakespeare’s supposed punctuation.

But I found something interesting when I examined how Twitter be used as  a new artistic format/medium.  Twitter sang to me.  The song was “HAIKU.”   In addition to the haiku restriction of 17 syllables in 3 phrases of 5-7-5, there is also the additional Twitter restriction of 140 characters.  For some reason, it exploded my creativity.  In one night I wrote over 200 of them haikus, many of them good.

Maybe this is masturbatory.  Maybe everybody blogs about the nature of creativity and nobody is interested and it’s boring.

Sometimes structure IS the meaning.  Lack of structure, that is.  A la Rhinoceros, The Chairs.  Def Poets?

There is something about restriction/repression.

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