Everyone Wants A Piece of You

An entertainment lawyer hooked me up with a film sales agent who handles Europe.  The sales agent read my treatment and said he could sell it into distribution overseas.   He could even give me pre-sales numbers to show my investors.  It’s important to show potential investors some indication that your film will actually sell.

I looked him up: he seems moderately legit.  Teaches the business of film at a University.  Has worked for a major studio.  Has his name attached as producer to a half-dozen films, but I couldn’t find revenue numbers on any of them.  It seemed strange to me that he would say he could sell my film into overseas territories  based solely on the treatment.  Asked him what the commission arrangement would be.  He didn’t answer.  Several phone calls and email exchanges later, he writes to say that my biz plan needs a lot of work and he can help me fix it up for a consulting fee.

“Okay, leave aside the biz plan for a moment; i already have a business advisor.  What would the commission arrangement be if you sold this into foreign distribution?”


“I can help you rewrite your business plan, get attachments, guarantee distribution, give you sales estimates, do the distribution, help you rewrite the script to attract my buyers…for a consulting fee.”

Okay, we’ll see.  Can’t think about that now; my head is exploding.

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