My favorite Lines from Films Both Good and Bad

  1. “Doody!”
  2. “I projected myself to the end of my life in some vague rendition of my old man self.  I imagined looking back with a tremendous hole of regret in my heart.”
  3. “Nobody calls Dugan a turd.”
  4. “– she’s my daughter. — she’s my sister —- she’s my daughter. — my sister. My daughter, my sister –She’s my sister and my daughter!”
  5. “Let me just ask you a serious question first.  Aren’t you worried you could die a virgin?”  “Yeah, I’m extremely worried about that. It’s right up there with global warming.”
  6. “I’ll follow you. I want to see the chimes.”
  7. “Well, I don’t mean to get up on my high horse, but why shouldn’t we look at ourselves up there?  Who cares about the Fifth Earl of Bastrop and Lady Higginbottom and who killed Nigel Grinch-Gibbons?”
  8. “Now don’t you understand that if Bonnie comes home and finds a dead body in her house, I’m gonna get divorced.  No marriage counselor, no trial separation — fuckin’ divorced.”
  9. “I’m not in the mood to see a four-hour documentary on Nazis.”
  10. “The doorman tells him that she hasn’t worked there for quite a while.  He asks for a cigarette even though he knows smoking is suicide for a man with TB.
  11. “He’s not my Dad; he’s my pony.”
  12. “Nice Beaver.” “Thanks; I had it stuffed last week.”
  13. “Doody!”
  14. “Don’t call me Shirley.”
  15. “Dave’s not here.”
  16. “Food fight!”
  17. “Doody!”

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