So, I decided that before I could write my blog, before I could work on my four unfinished—languishing—screenplays, before I could call my costume designer for my one-woman live performance piece, before I could start working on my German accent for Nancy’s film…I must.


Organize my entire life.

You may say this is a never-ending project.

Nay, I cry.


It is finite.

Since last month, I have managed to:

• Categorize all 3846 of my Outlook contacts with their primary occupation
• Cross-categorize them with their relationship to me
• Cross-categorize each of them with one of 3 mailing lists
• Fix each of them so they are filed as “Last, First (Company)”
• Give each and every of the 3846 a follow-up date
• Color-code the categories (there are 510 categories fitting into 10 color schemes; with shades and tones of each color representing a contact’s seniority within his/her field)
• Re-organize my Firefox bookmarks to match the categories
• Replicate all contacts who have a web page into bookmarks
• Replicate all bookmarks for whom I have a contact name into Outlook
• Re-organize My Documents in Windows to match the categorization scheme, but with less detail (fewer subfolders)
• Re-organize my archived Inbox to match the categorization scheme

Wait, there’s more.


Was I then able to start writing or rehearsing?


• Organize all my CDs
• Un-group the various sub-genres of rock; e.g. head, metal, house, punk, alternative, pop-influenced, blues-influenced and put them all into “Rock”
• Break the rock category up again into its sub-genres, but not physically re-organize the CDs;


• Create an inventory database where each album is listed by genre

o And sub-genre
o Album title
o Album artist
o 2nd artist
o 3rd artist
o Producer
o Original release date
o Original or re-mix


Not enough.

• Add a data table for each song by composer, title, and cross-referenced to the albums on which it appears. For, as you know, there are over 40 versions of “Fever” and I like most all of them
• Do the same routine for vinyl records
• And MP3s


Since this was not procrastination Maximus Nauseous; I then

• Reorganized my HoldList at the public library
• Cross-referenced it to my Amazon WishList and de-duped it



I can write, rehearse, clean my videocam…




It occurs to me that I would save a lot of space if I would digitize all my vinyl, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, audiotapes, cassettes, 8 mm films, the ancient audio recordings my father secretly made of my mother 40 years ago, all family photos, and all books.

Wow, we could get rid of all physical media, plus the various machines on which to view the various media. We could save approximately 1000 cubic feet; move to a smaller house and save lots of money on a mortgage.

So, that’s approximately where I’m at in my life; I am looking for a cheap phono pre-amp; and that’s why I can’t write screenplays.

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