When Does the Knitting Start?

I’m sorry.  I kept procrastinating writing this column.  Sorry, Norman.  Sorry, readers.


Waiting for the perfect unstructured time to write.  The perfect blog post.


There is no perfect.  Art must go on.  Sometimes, just anything…just a start.  There can’t be rewrites without first a draft.


And, you know what?  Sometimes the draft is good enough.  Sometimes the process itself is what is important.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, not all the time.  BUT.


So, I am writing this teeny little IMPERFECT blog and not a masterpiece.


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a {person} learned to spin yarn from raw wool.  How she got to that point is a long story involving a crazed Siberian Husky, a broken vacuum cleaner and a sex-starved autist.  Later for that story (remind me.)  So, she spent hours sitting on a wooden stool at her wooden wheel in a meditative state spinning miles of yarn.  Thin yarn thick yark lumpy yarn fancy smooth crunchy.  Lovely smelling of sheep or llamas or bunnies or Siberian Huskies.  She happily made skeins forever.


Then one day her lovely husband-definitely not a {artist-type}-asked,

“When does the knitting start?”


She stopped cold.  What a strange question.  Isn’t spinning an end in and of itself?  Isn’t the lovely yarn enough?


So, I just write this little blog, which is definitely not a completed final shooting script or a masterpiece of journalism.  It’s just a meditation on creativity and process and procrastination.

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  1. Sam June 4, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Your husband must get sick of the subtle put downs in your blogs. You are the sex starved “artist” (you spelled it “autist”), I presume. I am sure this makes him feel really good. Oh right; you artist types don’t care how other people feel. It is always about you! Then you said he is “not a artist type”. Wow how sad for him. How does he live with-out that insight. Maybe if you got off your high horse, you could actually get an acting gig. Sorry if this hurts your feelings but I am an “artist” type and I don’t care about other peoples feelings.

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