Unbalanced Actor Writes Haiku about Performing

Grand practitioner //

Of truth in performing arts //

Rachel Rosenthal //


One man didn’t clap //

He must have hated the show //

My work must have stunk //


Someone’s not laughing //

Am I saying my lines wrong? //

I’m spoiling the show //


Someone is laughing //

This is the funeral scene //

Spinach in my teeth? //


Boiling inside me //

LoveFearLustRageHungerJoy  //

Propelled by the script //



Screenwriter Writes Haiku

I wrote a screenplay//

My brilliant, unique story//

Tits and car crashes //


Once. Until. And then //

Danger.  Lose. Reverse.  Then win //

Resolve. Three-act-ku //


Now it’s 4 A.M. //

Once more I’ve been up all night //

Writing poetry //


Sometimes I write poems //

Non-stop from midnight till dawn //

Some days not a word //



Actor Writes Haiku about Auditions

Casting for actress //

No experience required //

Need blonde with large breasts //


In a corridor //

Doing tongue exercises //

Opera audition //


Six other women //

Waiting to read for a role //

All look just like me //


I’m sure it’s not cool //

Grovel and beg on my knees //

Please cast me as Leda //


You’re too old too tall //

Too brunette or too ethnic //

Your boobs are too small //



A Bit of Haiku about Other Kinds of Artists

At Cirque du Soleil //

A small girl scared by the clown //

Seared soul, white grimace //


Speak it.  Spit it.  Mouth //

Parched with liminal heart’s ache //

Perform defryu //


Before I say if //

I like this piece of artwork //

Tell me who did it //


Haiku to utter  //

Raku to hold and to touch //

Enoki to crunch //


The woven sculpture //

Meant to celebrate marriage //

Instead makes them weep //


I dream of Juan Gris //

Every night he haunts my eyes //

With fractured pierrots //


Stringing rough diamonds //

Dirty gray polluted ice //

Are those the real thing? //


Distracted by nude //

I trip and spill my palette //

Voila abstract art //


I used to believe //

Spoken word is not true art //

I used to be wrong //


Extravagantly //

Ostentatious luxe glitz shine //

Adorning my throat //


Those large oil paintings //

With thick, waxy gobs of paint //

Scream out to be touched //


Amazing and dense //

Layered unveiling of art //

ShaSha Higby’s show //


I have compulsions //

To endlessly create and //

To destroy it all //


Did you ever have //

A ballet coach who told you //

“Stop wasting your time.”? //



Unbalanced Actor Writes Haiku about The Work

It’s three A. M. //

I’m watching French 30’s films //

I’m sobbing out loud //


Story creation //

Has its own life processes //

Which we must respect //


Beginning and end //

With rehearsal in between //

To discover truth //


A character is built //

In order to engage with //

Another person //


Seed must reach flower //

Character must be performed //

For an audience //


Creation must peak //

Rehearsal without filming  //

Is chase without catch //


Anything less than //

Celluloid resolution  //

Disorders balance //


Never in my life //

Have I been so much in love //

Cut!  I hate his guts //


You have to love cheese //

More than anything in life //

Dairy commercial //


Dressing room.  Sobbing. //

Darling, what happened to you? //

Back off; I’m working //


I did love you then //

In my tongue and ovaries //

During rehearsal //


Sensitive reader //

Of the slightest physical //

Manifestation //


You make me feel sad //

What does your body tell you //

He makes me feel sad //



Actor Writes Haiku about Being in The Zone

Text has no meaning //

What is your body saying //

To your scene partner? //


Fiction becomes truth //

In the character’s desire //

The actor is lost //


Skinned raw down to nerves //

Sensitive to the slightest //

All shutters open //


Your body instrument //

Madmen falling off a cliff //

Zen of the moment //


Life but yet dreamlike //

Consequences, desires //

Watch yourself perform //


We were in the zone //

Floating over the sound stage //

Ephemeral-real //


Never do I feel //

So alive and connected //

As when I’m on set //



Unbalanced Actor Writes Haiku about Career

You are an actor //

But you’re not a movie star //

So what are you, huh? //


Toothpaste commercial //

Or summer Shakespeare…hmm… //

Which one pays the rent? //


My art or my rent? //

Why must I choose only one? //

Capitalism. //


Some people mistake //

Fame for artistic talent //

Not the same at all //

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