Here are some diary pages from about a year ago while I was struggling with rewrites for “Exit Strategy,” interspersed with my current comments on said diary pages.


Now that my co-writer has decided she can’t help produce, I’m sole producer, which is the role for which I’m least suited.


MS 2010: No kidding.


A producer needs to conduct a symphony of different people, skills & personalities, making everyone feel honored and appreciated while asking them to accomplish the impossible.  If I could get along with people (especially rich guys with money) I would still have a day job.  Which I do not.  Because I can’t get along with anyone.


MS 2010: Amen, sister.


I believe everyone hates me.

MS 2010: No doubt.

I sent my treatment to the Sundance Filmmakers’ Lab, but haven’t heard back.  Yet.

MS 2010: Year later, still not.

I am trying to get the full script ready to submit to the Disney Screenwriting Fellowship, which is due on June 30.

MS 2010: Year later, still not.

After many months of rewriting it is clear to me that this story is not a strong plot-driven film, but a character study with a weak plot; so I am getting rid of a lot of the plot points which had seemed forced.

MS 2010: Year later, put the plot back in.

The obstacles are not Odyssean, but Joycean.

MS 2010: Can anyone tell me what on earth I meant by that?

Can I get it rewritten in time for the June 30th deadline?  Aw, it probably sucks so much that it wouldn’t matter if I submitted it or not.

MS 2010: Aw, that feel-sorry-for-yourself crap is so boring and old.  Get OVER it.

If it didn’t suck, one of these producers would have picked it up.  They are picking up all kinds of crap.

MS 2010: Yeah, it’s Hollywood, so what’s your point?  Stop it, you whiner.

Maybe not enough 20 year old blondes in my film.   Maybe not enough knifings.  Maybe no zombies.


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