Comedy Is Sad, Part Two

When I go to a gathering, and there is an offensive party, I like to jump right in and try to be more annoying than the offensive person or more offensive than the obnoxious person. At the very minimum, I like to push at least one person into the punch or the dog’s water dish at each party which I attend.

I wonder if that’s why I keep getting fired.


  • · Do you serve celery stuffed with peanut butter at your parties?

  • · Are we allowed to do karaoke at your parties?

  • · How about wearing bald wigs?

Sorry for the one-track mind…but is there a way we can make this into a film?

  • · Man is captured by comics and given an hour to make them laugh or they will egg his house.
  • · Man sees a crime and the police give him an hour to tell the story of the crime in an entertaining way or they will give the mafia his home address.
  • · Man is dying of lung cancer and is trying to pass on his comic heritage to his students.
  • · Dog is telling horse-walked-into-a-bar jokes and his master is sick of it: you have an hour to get a better routine or I’ll trade you in for a cat.

How can we treat comedy with any respect when it’s so funny?


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