New Career Goals

Right now, at this very moment, I am impassioned to make the following my new life’s work:


To disprove the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


Second Law of  Thermodynamics states that–it’s not really important–in any closed system; that is, a system without any contact with the outside world, the amount of entropy can not ever decrease; it always must remain constant or increase.

So, I was reading a book by Freeman Dyson in which he’s explaining that law; and it suddenly occurred to me that to disprove this law is the most interesting challenge I could take on.

The reason I discovered the Freeman Dyson book is because of Esther Dyson.  She is a business woman with whom my client is trying to establish a partnership; and I was doing research on her.

Freeman is a wonderfully profound scientist who understands processes are not static entities.  He really understands the different TYPES of change: billions of year change, thousands of year change.

Anyway, that’s the way my mind works.

All last week, I thought that my life’s mission was to reinvent new forms of haiku. I thought I was writing haiku, but a friend of mine told me I was writing senryu.  So, then I started writing dozens of dozens of jazzryu, beebopryu, meditationku, childbirthku, schizophrenicku…

…and I’m sure that my life’s work & mission will change once again next week.

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