Dear Abby Part Two

Dear Abby,


I have a tendency to be obsessive and throw myself into one project or one pursuit to the exclusion of everything else in my life. Right now, I’m into this screenplay and this character I’m writing for myself. My writing partner, limited in time as she is with a family and now this temp job, is taking all kinds of time out for auditions for stupid, stupid improv groups, crappy 3-minute student films, completely idiotic classroom exercises, some Keystone cops short she decided to write to “get practice” for our film, and all kinds of other junky trashy useless activities.

I think she ought to focus a bit and spend more time on our project. After all, we’re writing it because middle-aged women actors can’t get cast in very much, maybe other than stupid, stupid improv groups; so we’re writing a feature-length film that stars us. We’re making our own work.

Just sign me,
Tries To Run Everyone’s Life, But That Doesn’t Make Me a Bitch, Does It?


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