Tips for Keeping your Day Job

Just in case you haven’t yet transitioned to full time film work, here are the key phrases that will allow you to keep those paychecks from your straight gig rolling in:

  • Brilliant idea
  • Nice suit
  • Sure, I don’t mind doing this paperwork
  • This new product line truly inspires me
  • You are a great boss
  • I’m so passionate about double-entry bookkeeping
  • Fascinating
  • I really like everyone here
  • Where do I see myself in five years?  Right here.
  • How fascinating
  • Fascinating
  • Is that a picture of your kids?  They are so cute.
  • I’ll do whatever it takes
  • No, I don’t need to be paid overtime; it’s just an hour or so
  • We are such a jolly bunch
  • We are changing the world
  • You are so funny
  • That was a great speech
  • Moving forward
  • Grasping the bull by the horns
  • ROI
  • Managed metrics
  • Conversion ratio
  • Chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff…gooooo TEAM
  • Never met a greater bunch of people
  • It fascinates me
  • Fascinating
  • You didn’t!  Wow, you are Da Man.
  • No, you Da Man.
  • Hi, I’m thrilled to present to you our newest user conformity studies appurtenanced by the heliquilacious tandem gringement bilateral double-blind hemispheric and viral marketing enhanced connectivity over secure protocols double-redundancy and search-engine-optimized
  • And here are the flowcharts to prove it
  • I’d do this even if you didn’t pay me
  • Fascinating

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