Letters from My Readers

This letter from a reader, responding to my last column about writing a one-woman live show, was just too good to leave languishing in the “comments” section.



Lets start with the obvious: Collection of things (birds, teeth, body parts, cats bodies, dolls), things that you have lost. Things that are no longer alive or were never alive. I take that back, the Dolls are, were, babies that you never had. It is all about getting lost and giving up your identity. Trying to find your true identity, should be the theme of this show. The Zen saying goes something like this: “When you give up the identity of yourself that has been given to you by others you will once again become universal and unique.” Feel free to adjust this saying ’cause I made it up. But still it is about letting go. You must let go of that given self before you can move on. Let go of the things you hang on to that keep you connected to your old identity. Does not mean you have to get rid of your dead cats. How fucking disgusting is that? Keeping dead cats for all these years. Stop it. Let go. And teeth. What the fuck is that all about? And body parts. You are one sick puppy!!  OCD or something. Sorry, Anyway………………………?  We all cling to something. Family traditions, religion, baseball, lies about our childhood, lies about how great our country is, etc. I think it can be all summed up by the great Zen teacher.  When asked how he saw things so clearly he said, “I just close my eyes.” So put on a show. Tell a story. People will either relate or they won’t. It is your story. Don’t ask other people to tell you how to tell your story. That is part of the problem!!

You should change costumes throughout the performance. Each costume should represent the times and changes in your life. You may exaggerate for effect. But really you should be nude for most of the show ’cause according to you, you have great breasts. Besides A and T always sell.

Your reader


I think I should hire this person as an acting coach,  what say?

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