Story-line for a Live Show

Dear readers,

Once again, I solicit your kind advice on my projects.  I have these following items and wish to include them in a performance piece.  I need your help developing a story-line:

  • Chirpy’s feathers in a velvet cloth.

  • Some of my baby teeth in a cute little pink box.  (Thanks to my sister Deb for rescuing these from the moldy depths of the junk pile in my mother’s garage when we were selling her house.) Please note, though, for purposes of artistic integrity: it’s not a full set of teeth; just some.  I have only Deb’s word that these are mine and not hers, having wiped all memories of my youth.  Deb, to the contrary, claims we had an idyllic childhood.
  • #30 adult tooth along with the dental abscess which triggered its removal.  Huge though the abscess remains, even in its 1-year post-removal dehydrated state, I wonder why the damn cutter didn’t just take it out and leave me my tooth which is so useful for eating filberts.  I rage against surgeons whose only answer is to cut.  I suppose if you’re an elephant, everything looks like a dental surgeon to you.  I told the hygienist that I was still in mourning for my unnecessarily removed tooth.  She said I should get over it.  She is heartless. The abscess is in one of those bug-collector jars…all magnified from every side in its Zombie glory.


  • Lovely amethyst-colored small glass apothecary jar full with tiny hairs I have pulled from my jaw line ever since I hit the age of decline–the long slope into hairy chins and wrinkles, death, liver spots, thinning hair, not to mention death .

  • Tupperware boxes, sized to fit under a bed.  9 of same.  Each with a dead cat of varying age. It’s hard to tell Forty from Manny at this stage (they were both all black and both have lost considerable weight since being boxed) but the rest have distinctive cute little faces.  Please take into consideration that any use of these during a performance piece must ensure that they remain intact for future brooding and melancholia…
  • …or future performances.


  • One uterine fibroid preserved in formaldehyde.  About the size of a tangerine.
  • One (almost complete) Phyllodes tumor preserved in formaldehyde.  About the size of a walnut.  Several slices have been removed for diagnostic purposes.  Nevertheless, it retains an elegant, shimmery and somewhat rubbery appeal.  Attendant “negative margin tissue” is not available for performance purposes.  It was donated to research.
  • Grandma’s fur coat.
  • Mother’s fur coat.

  • 400 naked Barbie knockoffs (the Dollar Store kind.)


What is the story arc here?  How do you see the show unfolding?  What sort of costume shall I wear?  You don’t think this show will close after one night, do you?

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  1. Honey May 18, 2011 at 9:25 pm #


    Lets start with the obvious: Collection of things(birds, teeth, body parts, cats bodies, dolls), things that you have lost. Things that are no longer alive or were never alive. I take that back, the Dolls are, were babies that you never had. It is all about getting lost and giving up your identity. Trying to find your true identity, should be the theme of this show. The Zen saying goes something like this; “When you give up the identity of yourself that has been given to you by others you will once again become universal and unique.” Feel free to adjust this saying cause I made it up. But still it is about letting go. You must let go of that given self before you can move on. Let go of the things you hang on to that keep you connected to your old identity. Does not mean you have to get rid of your dead cats. How fucking disgusting is that. Keeping dead cats for all these years. Stop it. Let go. And teeth. What the fuck is that all about? And body parts. You are one sick puppy!! OCD or something. Sorry, Anyway………………………? We all cling to something. Family traditions, religion, baseball, lies about our childhood, lies about how great our country is, etc. I think it can be all summed up by the great Zen teacher; When asked how he saw things so clearly he said, “I just close my eyes.” So put on a show. Tell a story. People will either relate or they won’t. It is your story. Don’t ask other people to tell you how to tell your story. That is part of the problem!!

    You should change costumes throughout the performance. Each costume should represent the times and changes in your life. You may exaggerate for effect. But really you should be nude for most of the show cause according to you, you have great breasts. Besides A and T always sell.

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