Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Seven

Entertaining Ourselves after Hours in Tokyo

To refresh the memories those of you who haven’t followed our heroine’s story thus far, she was hired to produce a training video.  She and a small crew flew to the client’s Tokyo office for the shoot.  The client Griff has proven to be a Laff Factory—an inept traveler at the least; an ugly American at the worst.  Our heroine wishes she had been hired to shoot a comedy-reality segment instead of a training video.

Griff: “What shall we do tonight after we wrap for the day?”

Dick: “Sumo wrestling.”

Hiroaki: “I will take you to visit a dive restaurant joint in the Shibuyo district.”

Michelle: “Tokyo Peace Museum or the Museum of Japanese Costume.”

Shoko: “You guys would really enjoy the fish market.”

Griff: “I hear there is a Costco in Tokyo.  I am going there.”


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