Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Six

More tales from the Bizarre.  In today’s scenario, I’m in Japan with a client, shooting a training video in their Tokyo office.

Exploring Tokyo

Long shoot day, but we’re done at 6:00 PM.  We have the whole night off and don’t have to be back on set till 11:00 AM.  Great opportunity to get out, be tourists, have fun, learn new things, explore, meet people, expand our horizons, for gosh sakes.

Griff, my client (otherwise known as Crazy Boss Man), says he’s starving; let’s go to dinner.  Good idea; I’m starving, too.  Not that I couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds; but, nevertheless, that can wait till I’m back home. Dick—my DP—says he’s got a hot tip on a low-down sushi joint where they have several sorts of fish you never heard of and can’t get in San Francisco.  He gets these tips from friends of his in The Netherlands.  Don’t ask.

Griff hesitates.

“I have a 20% off coupon; let’s go to this place.”

Dick looks at the coupon.

“You are in Tokyo and you want to go to a Chinese restaurant?!!”

Michelle looks at the coupon.

“Plus, it’s in our HOTEL?!!”

Griff doesn’t understand why we don’t like his plan.

“It’s easy to find.”

Dick is making that little fist sign he does that means “look over here” and then he is pointing to his butt and rolling his eyes; and I am trying so hard not to laugh so loud that I spit green tea out my nose.

We part ways.

Crazy Boss Man goes upstairs to the hotel restaurant (yes, it’s also in the same building as the shoot location–his Tokyo branch office) and, god forbid, he doesn’t get lost in the elevator.

Dick and I get in a taxi with a driver who doesn’t speak English and somehow manage (surprise, surprise, in a city with a huge tourist population!!) to get to this restaurant which is NOT in the hotel.

The strange fish species was very good.  Dick ate raw horse meat which I definitely did not do.  I don’t eat any mammals at all; let alone a creature which was, in its lifetime, a good, loyal, obedient companion of someone.  But, sometimes Dick is a dick.  And I told him so.  He cursed at me in Dutch.

The next morning, Griff brags to us about his 20% discount.

“You guys should have come with me.”

We look at his receipt.

He paid three times as much for his one meal as we did for both of ours together.  $20 for a cup of tea; $35 for a slice of cake.  And what did Crazy Boss Man have to eat?  Cheesecake, chow mein (no, I am not kidding you), and waffles.  The man is a stud.

Tomorrow: Crazy Boss Man explores more of Tokyo.

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