Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Four

You knew we’d eventually detour our way back to this story: Client hired me to produce an internal training video and they wanted to shoot it in their Japan office.


Guests in Tokyo

As I bragged in a previous columnPost/blog, I had spent the full ten hours of the flight from Seattle to Tokyo listening to my Japanese language learning tapes (no sense doing things TOO early.)  I had learned enough to get around on the busses and trains, ask rudimentary questions at restaurants, hotels and shops; and most importantly (to me), to be able to apologize in Japanese to our Tokyo colleagues for having to do the shoot in English.

They giggled at me when I said that.

Griff (my client,) on the other hand, did not bother to learn any Japanese.  Why on earth should he?  Everyone speaks English, right?  Besides, he had already straightened out the etiquette stuff by learning that he did not have to wear a kimono.

Several of the crew are sitting at a table looking at storyboards.

Griff is drinking water from a plastic bottle he got from the fridge in the office.

Griff: “Yuck, I got this bottled water, but it tastes like crap. Yuck, it is one of those crappy sports drinks; all sugar and salt.”

Michelle: “Yuck, indeed.  I sympathize; it is hard to read Japanese.”

Griff puts the bottle of water on the conference table.

“Anyone want this?  I only drank a little.”

Michelle looks at the bottle; it is printed entirely in ENGLISH!


And so goes the story of my crazy client…more later…

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