Where Do You Get Your Ideas?


Or…Gee, My Life Sucks

Or…Where do you get your ideas…   …out your ass?

A guy I’m following on Twitter asked

“How often do you swear in your blog?”

I tried to answer him:

“Every day, every damn day; seven frocking times per column.”

Then I thought,

“Maybe they won’t understand that I have LICENSE to swear: I’m a writer.”

Ha, ha, isn’t that great?  A built-in excuse to be impolite and use profanity in lieu of doing my job and finding the right word.

So, I tried to answer him.  He has me blocked!  I couldn’t answer him; couldn’t tell him how heply profane I am or give him my excuses.

He is probably some self-promoting MLM dude that just wants to spew out his advertising and not bother to read any incoming posts.  No engagement; just advertising.  Phooey on him.


Anyway, back to the point.  Yes, yes, the point of this instant article.  Where do writers get their ideas?  Why, from their egg-sucking lives, of course.  You think we make this shit up?  Nothing I write is made up.  It is all true as a planed rail on a military lathe.  We don’t need to invent tales: we just run around with a pencil and transcribe the real life that happens.


I was having terrible, dreadful, cognitive issues.  My regular doctor said I seemed just fine to her (for an old person.)  However, I insisted that she send me to a specialist.

The specialist did a numbing series of tests.  MRI, CAT scan, PET scan, neurotransmitter metrics, 16 hours of neuro-psychological testing.

When I sat down with the neurologist after all the tests, I was told the following (you cannot make this shit up):

“We can’t find anything wrong with you.  We suggest you simply have a bad personality.”


“The shit you say?”


“You are an asshole.  That’s the only thing wrong with you.”


No, you cannot make this up; and no wonder I swear in my blog.

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