Star Trek and Me


I don’t know if I’m sufficiently advanced to be in a society like Star Trek The Next Generation; a society where I trust people so completely that even if they annoy me a bit I can let it go because I know they’re speaking for the greater good—ALL for the greater good and NONE for themselves.

My colleagues in the American corporations of 2009 are so unlike that.  I can’t trust a single thing they say.  They have a 92% lie factor.  Everyone seems to be sneaking around with everyone behind everyone’s back.  Everyone is in some conspiracy or other.  Each executive is in small conspiracies with each group of one or two cohorts against several other cliques.  Often the rival cliques are headed by the same executive and are pitted against each other by his manipulation.

No one can work with anyone, since all communication is filtered through the lies of the Managing Director.  No cross-pollination of ideas and energy is allowed.  “Don’t talk to … A, to B, to C…”  “Don’t tell Jim that we are changing these tactics.”  Don’t share ideas across departments.

Twenty first century life has not reached the level of achievement we see in Star Trek The Next Generation.

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