Life Planning

This is scary.  I found this note I had left for myself in my Outlook calendar:

“Do Life Planning on Sunday 21 March

from noon till 2:00 PM. Use comedy

routine as a roadmap/guide to life.”

Double checked my calendar.  This appointment only occurs one time, so presumably after March 21 my entire life was to have been fully planned.

Yep, I think it’s scary.  Life planning only takes two hours once a year?  Once in a life-time?  You don’t think about your life at other times?

What if I can’t remember WHICH comedy routine I was supposed to use as a template?  Perhaps it is the hour-long monologue slash performance piece slash multimedia comedy routine which I’m currently developing.

Here are the topic headers:

  • Being born: 2 minutes

  • Nose picking: 4 minutes

  • Job hunting: 3 minutes

  • Getting fired: 4 minutes

  • Sex: 5 minutes

  • Stupid people: 5 minutes

  • My life sucks: 4 minutes

  • I hate rich people: 4 minutes

  • My mother ruined my life: 6 minutes

  • Why doesn’t anyone like me?: 8 minutes

  • No, seriously, am I a bitch or something?: 8 minutes

  • Cowboy jokes: 2 minutes

  • Accountant jokes: 1 minute

  • Proctology jokes: 4 minutes.


crazy artist

Don’t think that is a very good outline for a Life Plan.  Perhaps I meant to use this other doc which is stuffed in the back pages of my copy of “The Artist’s Way.”

How to Achieve Success in the Film Industry:

  • December 1997: Lose 30 pounds

  • February 1998: Have San Francisco agent

  • September 1998: Have reel with roles in 20 indie films

  • September 1999: Have reel with lead roles in 9 indie films

  • December 1999: Get teeth fixed, boob lift, and face lift

  • January 2000: Have LA agent

  • March 2000: Have supporting role in Hollywood film

  • January 2001: Have lead role in Hollywood film

  • January 2002: Be making $1,000,000 per picture

  • June 2003: Launch my jewelry line


Does a good life plan require a 3-act structure?  A character arc?  Call-backs to setup lines?


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