Crazy Lady Writer, Part Two


Part the Fifth

I forgot to say if any of this does not make sense to you please leave me a comment and I will further elucidate in tomorrow’s column or a later one this week.


Part the Sixth

Also, if you do not understand how this is related to filmmaking, please also leave me a comment and I will try to make my columns more relevant in the future.


Part the Seventh

Is this too blatant fishing for comments?


Part the Eighth, the Final Acte of this Comedie; also known as dénouement or Act III Transition or Epilogue

Further I said to Lorak: So, yes, please, put me on your distro list with all the other people who can’t be bothered to go to a web link because they are old and decrepit and haven’t figured out how to use the inter-tubes although they love you very much even if you are a bit weird; well, in my case the weirder the better; and I noticed that you & I have very similar sensibilities in writing, such as that we always are thinking about KILLING someone: here is my latest blog ha, ha, the only link in this whole posting I have managed to make it a self-referential one.  ”what a shameless promoter am I”and further I told Lorak that I am now writing a daily column for these film producers and the gift that this column has given me what it has allowed me to do is break out of a creative funk and writer’s block and open up that empty space that was formerly cramped between my third and fourth chakras and to embrace myself anew this year as an artist although I have not yet taken my words to the stage (I still perform only words written by others) (only by others) (and I reserve my own words for paper ink digital hex code online images RGB) (and that is an empty space I need to fill ) (but soon the two, I feel it, soon will merge) and I am really, really not understanding how to protect my fragile artistic soul (if there were such a thing as a soul) if I have to keep looking for shitty jobs in the business world.

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