It Is All Material For The Screenplay


My friend Sindee the writer is so cool!  I wish I could be more like her.  She is so non-judgmental, so open, so embracing.  No matter how crazy a person is, she just accepts them for who they are.

She says, “I use everything for material for my characters.”

Sometimes I observe Sindee observing other people, sort of like a visitor at a zoo observing octopi through the glass, taking notes.

She told me a story about the man in the green house down the street from her who is an ass.  He’s the kind of neighbor who measures how close your car is parked and then calls the police if you are an inch into his part of the sidewalk.  When Sindee’s cat wandered onto his lawn, he called Animal Control and Sindee had to bail Onyx out of the lockup.  Instead of being furious, Sindee thought this was marvelously interesting material in case she ever had to create a character like him.

You could say to Sindee that you just killed your grandma and ground up her body into a shepherd’s pie.  Sindee would smile acceptingly and angelically at you; she would take out her notepad and write furiously;  and she would give you hot tea with lemon so you would stay a while longer and tell her what tools you used and what the shepherd’s pie recipe was and—of course—what was your motivation.

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