Good Prep for Screenwriters

Friend of mine who used to be named Lisa—an acting student—wrote how she got a summer student job working at a psychiatric hospital.


“I'm going to be an exposure therapy coach at the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Institute there. Basically, my job will be helping compulsive washers cover their hands in mud and not wash; encouraging obsessives to repeatedly murder their mothers in their heads; making checkers lock the door ONCE and then walk away. “

“Then…we see what anxiety ensues.”

Oh, my, oh, dear, I am jealous of Lisa. I dearly want to work in that hospital.  Just imagine the material you would get for a black comedy screenplay.  Some people get all the luck: all that raw material just dumped in Lisa's lap.

Take notes.  And exaggerate on the observations and riff on what really happens to make it performance worthy and more entertaining and plug it into a character study.  Yikes, what total fun.  I can see an entire screenplay in the short few lines of Lisa's email.

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