Last Night at the Wrap Party

A few snippets I overheard

Actor: “Did you know Karen just dropped dead in the middle of rehearsal?”

Musician: “Must have been on some serious drugs.”

Performance Artist: “Goddam it; why did she die?  She was going to buy a ticket to my show.”


Actor: “Do you think I should avoid being TOO good, so I won’t make the other actors look bad?”

Acting Coach: “I felt I couldn’t let more time pass without mention of the no-longer recent discovery of Spalding Gray’s body in the East River.”

Critic: “I have the purest of thoughts. I don’t even think sex belongs in art. Art should be all about clean marble and pretty pictures and not upsetting anyone; and sex is way too ….mucousy.”


Writer: “Some people I know, though, have read a LOT of comic books and, yet, they STILL can’t get their lives in order.”


Actor: “Why on earth would you do a toothpaste commercial instead of Shakespeare in the Park?”

Actor: “For money?”


Actor: “I could not be in the moment; I was too busy concentrating on my accent; was my wig slipping; what to get my nephew for his wedding; my nipple itches; the fondue au chocolat.”


Extra: “I don’t want to work on any movies where the extras have a different bathroom than the principals.”


Civilian: “I’ve got a great idea for a movie about a government-corporate plot.  How much do you think I could sell that for?  Maybe a few hundred thousand?”


UPM: “…you figure out what you’re going to spend for each item and…”

Actor (interrupts): “You mean you actually WRITE DOWN a budget?????”


Comic:  “I love this party!  You can talk about Art with a capital A and colonoscopy in the same place!”

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