Starving Artist Writes Haiku About The Life

Off the beaten track. I share with you, dear reader, an actor’s week, revealed with haiku.


Haiku 26

Acting class.  Take five.

Everyone standing outside.

Stretching limbs.  Smoking.


Twitterhaiku 95

At Cirque du Soleil

A small girl scared by the clown,

Seared soul, white grimace.


Senryu 233

Where, in the cortex,

Does comedy arise from?

Mine seems to be gone.


Senryu 279

Story creation

Has its own life processes

Which we must respect


Senryu 280

Beginning and end

With rehearsal in between

To discover truth


Senryu 281

Seed must reach flower

Character must be performed

For an audience


Senryu 282

Creation must peak

Rehearsal without filming

Is chase without catch


Senryu 283

A character is built

In order to engage with

Another person


Senryu 284

Anything less than

Celluloid resolution

Disorders balance


Senryu 285

Grand practitioner

Of truth in performing arts

Rachel Rosenthal


Senryu 286

Amazing and dense

Layered unveiling of art

ShaSha Higby’s show


Senryu 287

Casting for actress

No experience required

Need blonde with large breasts


Senryu 288

My art or my rent

Why must I choose only one



Senryu 289

I used to believe

Spoken word is not true art.

I used to be wrong.


Haiku 290


Ostentatious luxe glitz shine

Adorning my throat


Senryu 291

David, acting coach,

Proclaimed himself deity;

Us, his worshippers.


Senryu 292

Some people mistake

Fame for artistic talent

Not the same at all


Senryu 293

You are an actor

But you’re not a movie star

So what are you, huh?


Senryu 294

Before I say if

I like this sacred screenplay

Tell me who wrote it


Senryu 582

In a corridor

Doing tongue exercises

Opera audition


Senryu 583

Six other women

Waiting to read for a role

All look just like me


Senryu 584

I’m sure it’s not cool

Grovel and beg on my knees

Please cast me in this


Senryu 585

Never in my life

Have I been so much in love

Cut!  I hate your guts


Senryu 586

You have to love cheese

More than anything in life

Dairy commercial


Senryu 587

Dressing room.  Sobbing.

Darling, what happened to you?

Back off I’m working


Senryu 588

Text has no meaning

What is your body saying

To your scene partner?


Senryu 589

Fiction becomes truth

In the character’s desire

The actor is lost


Senryu 590

Skinned raw down to nerves

Sensitive to the slightest

All shutters open


Senryu 591

It hurts tears shreds me

Gouges huge chunks from my soul

You ignore my art


Senryu 592

Never do I feel

So alive and connected

As when I’m on set


Senryu 593

One man didn’t clap

He must have hated the show

My work must have stunk


Senryu 594

Someone’s not laughing

Am I saying my lines wrong?

I’m spoiling the show


Senryu 595

Someone is laughing

This is the funeral scene

Spinach in my teeth?


Senryu 596

You’re too old too tall

Too brunette or too ethnic

Your boobs are too small


Senryu 597

Your body instrument

Madmen falling off a cliff

Time-stopped zen moment


Senryu 598

Life but yet dreamlike

Consequences, desires

Watch yourself perform


Senryu 599

We were in the zone

Floating over the sound stage



Senryu 600

I did love you then

In my tongue and ovaries

During rehearsal


Senryu 601

Sensitive reader

Of the slightest physical



Senryu 602

You make me feel sad

What does your body tell you

He makes me feel sad


Senryu 603

Dry shell empty husk

When you take away my art

You kill what is me


Senryu 604

Human emotions

Channeled by storytellers

Revealed through corpus


Senryu 605

Boiling inside me


Propelled by the script


…and to lighten it up a bit…


Limerick 33 for Danielle

An old actor regretting her youth

She made poor choices, in truth

Offered the Star Trek pilot show

She consulted her Tarot

Then took a gig in the trade show booth


Limerick 34 for Brent Spiner

I wrote this new Star Trek plot

Worf and the blue Mr. Mot

Having sex at the “poker” game

While Data’s gone insane

Trying to disassemble Spot


Some of these poems originally appeared in my book SnarkyKu or on my Twitter feed.

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  1. Steven April 28, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    Got nothing, Haiku is so foreign to me, it’s like trying to read Japanese.

    But thanks for the post, keep on Postin

  2. shyman April 29, 2013 at 3:56 am #

    Me, too. Can’t figure out a word of it. Hhahahahaha! Thanks, Steve.

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