Sexuality on Screen: Bad? Nasty? Kinky? Universal?

Exhibit A: That Oedipus Thang

The lovely Anne Lower, actor; clever Anne Lower, marketing specialist; she is also the hardworking and insightful theater producer, script doctor, Anne; and today we speak of her in her role as the talented screenwriter.

A while ago she wrote,

“I’m working on an adaptation of OEDIPUS REX.”

Then, I can hear the pause before she types,

“…Who hasn’t?”


Exhibit B: That Oedipus Thang

No shit, ha, ha, ha!  Who hasn’t?  I am writing a time-travel story of an amnesiac woman who can’t remember who she was in the past and ends up having mad, passionate, crazy, wild, fabulous, funfunfunfun obsessive sex with her son.

Yeah, I am.

So what?

Same to you!


Exhibit C: I’ll Have The Usual

Susan is writing dialogue for a character in her stage play.

Me to Susan:

“What’s she thinking about?”


“Oh, the usual.  You know.  Same thing everyone thinks about all the time. Standard.”


Susan, con’t.:

“Snakes crawling out of vaginas.”


Exhibit D: That Oedipus Thang

This screenplay is open on my computer.  Peeps, you shouldn’t leave your unfinished work lying around if you live with a non-writer.  They forget the path that a work takes


in-progress / not-ready / stewing / playing-with-ideas / re-work

to :


Non-writers keep getting confused between your reality and your fiction.  They forget the diff between your fantasies and your screenwriting.

…or, maybe your screenwriting IS your fantasies, only you’ve parsed them into scenelets and scenes.

So…my curious husband checks out my notes for the Oedipal screenplay.  He sees on the page:

“A woman gets a headache when she makes love to her son.”

Sez hubby to me in a very serious tone:

“Well she OUGHT to get sicker than that! She should get nausea, at least!  That is some bad behavior.”

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